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Mobile Marketing Supported Carriers

Monthly payment option

No obligation, you can pay month to month
$14.99 $49.99 $99.99 $250.00 $500.00 $1,000.00
Free messages included monthly

Number of messages each plan includes.
(Plan messages do ROLLOVER for 12 months.)
200 800 2,500 6,500 Custom Custom
Additional messages

Purchase a block of messages
Set Auto-Purchase "ON" and purchase only when needed.
Purchased messages roll over for up to 12 months
7.5¢ 6.25¢ 3.85¢ Custom Custom
Unlimited Keywords
No leasing fee per keyword
Add keywords as your company grows
Keywords must show activity within 90 days or they are removed
Add cell numbers to your campaigns

Collect cell numbers legally with user approval and you can add them to any campaign.
Once added the user will receive an opt-in text.
Unique web page

Each campaign has it's own unique web URL
Can include in your SMS alert message
i.e. www.enowit.com/i/"campaignid"
Subscription Directory

You control if your campaign is visible in our Subscription Directory.
This allows for our users to opt-in directly from eNowIt.com
A free way to increase your exposure.
Web Widget

Every campaign has code in the Resource area that you can copy and paste into any webpage allowing you to opt-in users by entering their number into the widget.
Block or Allow Users

You have the ability to block unwanted numbers.
You can also create a private alert system by blocking all numbers except for the ones you want to allow.
Broadcast Scheduler

Select a time and date for a future broadcast
Schedule reoccuring alerts (Weekly, Monthly)

See when a mobile user sends your keyword to our shortcode 366948.
See each messages and when it was delivered to your subscribers.
Free inbound text messages

You don't pay for inbound mesages.
You only pay when eNowIt sends a text to a mobile user.
Get your own shortcode!

If your spending at least $1,000 a month you can upgrade to your own short code.
$1,250mo paid every 3 months.
Takes upto 3 months to get approved
Setup fees on a per client basis - contact sales today!
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