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Manage your mobile dashboard with ease!

One Platform To Rule all Mobile

Mobile Marketing can be very difficult to manage with all of it's facets, rules and regulations. Most importantly you need the proper technology to manage your users and make sure they stay happy. Our clients tell us that one main reason they use eNowIt is the ease of use to manage and execute their campaigns.

From the Dashboard you'll be able to.......

  • Manage all campaigns –Create, manage and execute all your alerts, coupons and promotional campaigns.
  • Create a Poll –You have the ability to create, manage and watch real time your mobile poll - there is even a widget code to add to your website for real time result display.
  • Contest –Have an account representative setup your Text To Win campaign based on Mobile Marketing Association Best Practices and Carrier Guidelines. Once live you can see the campaign and results real-time in your account.
  • Text Replies –Ability to have mobile users reply to your campaigns, polls, text to win contests and have them put into your inbox or cell phone for a real time private response. All responses via web or cell are recorded in your eNowIt "Sent Messages" tab.
  • Trivia –Let us help you setup a series of great Trivia scenarios to help increase your in-venue participation and drive new subscribers to your alert campaigns.
  • Schedule Future Broadcasts - Ability to schedule future one-time or recurring broadcasts, filtered by area code and or opt-in date.

eNowIt Dashboard

  • Broadcast To Multiple Campaigns –You can now send the same message to as many unique campaigns as needed.
  • Rollover Message –You can see your total messages sent per month as well as total rollover messages you have to use.

Integrating eNowIt will change your bottom line

  • eNowIt operates 100% to MMA Best Practices
  • Submits all campaigns to get carrier approval
  • No Contracts
  • Rollover Messages
  • Only medium to reach your customers real-time
  • Multiple web widgets to use in your websites
  • Custom development and API's
  • We are one of just a handful of companies that actually built it's technology from the ground up and we don't rent, lease or borrow technology from any third party.
  • Customizable Website Pop-Up Widget

    Live example of the Chicago Slaughters Widget

    The code to add this to your website is located in your eNowIt account by clicking Manage Campaigns -> Click on a campaign -> Click on Widget

    You can have one or many campaigns all included on one widget

    You can export your emails and zip code data your widget collects as a .CSV.

    (or press ESC or click the overlay)

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